Designer. Yogi.
Wife. Fur Mom.

Hi there, I'm Bridget and welcome to my design portfolio.



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Poop 911

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JPMorgan Chase

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UX + UI Design


Hi there and thanks for scrolling. My name is Bridget and I'm currently working full-time as a Creative Leader and Designer at WorkWave. 

And, my life is centered around helping others through design...

Yup. You heard me right! My passion is helping others through design. Design can be extremely impactful. It can empower and elevate a small business, because yes first impressions do matter. And, it can differentiate large companies through, thoughtful story-telling and stellar product experiences.

I am a multidisciplinary designer with over 17 years of experience as a hands-on designer and creative leader. I am passionate about creating uniquely complex, simple and meaningful experiences. 

I have created everything from simple to complex mobile, desktop and responsive interfaces, robust design systems, and design languages — to concepting, designing and managing multi-channel marketing campaigns. One of my greatest passions is helping local entrepreneurs take their business to the next level by partnering with them as we create, implement and evolve there brand, build there business and set them apart from their competition.  

Now on a personal note, I want to tell you a bit about myself... I am a yoga teacher and energy practitioner. I am just as passionate about design as I am yoga and energy work. I am happily married (yes we are that cheesy couple that does everything together), my husband Danny and I have two very energetic and loving special needs rescue dogs named Max and Bear (I know not very original, but we didn't have the heart to change their names). 

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know me and my work.


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