The owners of Hexnet Digital own ChemSource, they came to me in hopes to re-brand and re-design there web application and to create an e-commerce mobile app for both IOS and Android. The had a very small budget and tight timeline in order to get it ready for some sales and investment meetings happening in the next several months.




We were able to conduct several stakeholder interviews along with branding survey’s and questionnaires. We also took a look at all of there previous materials to understand how they were communicating the brand and it’s value previously to see what was working well and what needed some help.

To start I conducted a Heuristic Evaluation on there web application and made suggestions based on best practices, goals, and the research I had done in previous roles that were relevant.





After conducting research about the company and then some competitive and comparative research I began to put pencil to paper and started workmen through some logo and in parallel building out there brand messaging.



UI Design

Once we finalized the brand messaging, logo and various assets I began to re-design the UI for the web application and create the mobile app from scratch.


I wanted to clearly provide users with a way to navigate based on their preference; either by market or by class.


We used photography as a background element very sparingly. It was used for every category header and in the initial splash screen.

The use of saturated and desaturated colors gave it vibrant digital look and feel that easily translated into all media’s.