K9 Resorts



Our objective is to increase their Franchise lead generation month over month, evolve their existing brand, and develop consumer and franchise marketing strategies and solutions.



Multi-Channel Marketing


We proposed that we re-design the franchise website to communicate a clearer more cohesive messaging strategy. I began crafting a site map to figure out the hierarchy and flow of the website. And, we were sure to communicate any Phase 2 pages to illustrate our forethought

One of the primary goals prior and after the development of their new Franchise website was to promote the FREE Franchising overview materials they have available to potential Franchisees.


I took the opportunity to evolve the existing brand and leverage clever, simple copy (written by me) and colorful simple graphics to generate leads. One of the most insightful things we learned while interviewing Franchisees was that all if not most of them left their senior-level, well paying corporate jobs to do something they love and be around dogs. And, of course they thought it was a very smart business decision that allowed the to maintain their comfortable lifestyle.

I designed a series of store and marketing collateral… everything from outdoor signage, Facebook and Google ads to postcards and business cards.


Gold foil employee business cards, “Wow”, new hiring and coupon cards, and grand opening coupon books were created using a fur textured background image to add depth and originality to the brand.

I used the same dog in a majority of the collateral to create consistency without redundancy. It made for a playful, more mature version of their previous brand.




I took a quick look and absolutely love the direction its all headed. Continuity simplicity, flair of modern luxury and DOGS!
— Tim Katsch, Director of Operations, K9 Resorts

The lead count above represents all of the digital channels. March 27th is when we launched the new site and the month we began telling a new digital story through various media.