MetaBall Energy Bites



The client has an amazing product that serves a very specific need in the marketplace — allergy friendly, good tasting snacks. The goal was to re-design the site with a new playful, contemporary design style that utilizes the new brand style guide and speaks to both brokers as well as consumers.

We took the opportunity to create a responsive, scalable design with new content and most importantly a new SEO strategy to increase traffic.



Research + Discovery

Research began with a “bite”. We tried every flavor to experience what it was like to eat a MetaBall. We spent many hours interviewing company stakeholders to help us understand what wasn't working well and what their immediate and long tern vision was for the product. MetaBall had an amazing story to tell.

We quickly understood who are target audience was and realized their target audience were more than just kids with food allergies — they were vegan’s, fit and health conscious men and women, and mom’s looking for healthy alternatives for their families.

Based on the research we unearthed we began to refine and create our persona “Emily” and we referenced “Emily” throughout the entire project.


Website Design


A site map and wireframes were created in order to get buy in on the initial design. Our goal was to tell a cohesive story that kept users engaged.


Through the use of fun vector graphics mixed with photography we were able to create a unique look that could be evolved in many different and creative ways as the brand evolved.

We choose a CMS that we could customize due to the clients budget and the fact that they want to be able to make content updates on there own.