RATG Brand



Over the years The Run-A-Ton Group has evolved but there brand has not. Our goal was to take a new approach and position to the RATG ‘s brand and digital presence.

Our goal ai to evolve and refine the companies brand into a modern, scalable brand that’s in alignment with the companies current and future focus. And that meant looking at the way to the company is structured as well as the brand.




What we learned from our stakeholder interviews is that they wanted to specialize in everything AND specializing in all types of baked food categories. They really didn’t have a focus — but they had a story that wasn’t being told. The RATG is a small NJ baked goods company that took chances and focused on quality. Our plan was to leverage their strengths to tell their story in a “small town”, yet “big city” way.




The new position statement allows them to scale as they acquire new products and brands. And, the tagline plays into the fun playfulness that the brand exudes; Enthusiasm meets food. Ingredients to fit any lifestyle.

Below is an example of the new proposed brand structure based on types that compliment the new position; Foods with Lovability, Foods with Sustainability and Foods beyond Possibilities.

The logo’s are a step way and above where they currently were and are aligned to the position statement the client choose.

Then, we create 3 moodboards that capture not only a visual representation of what we envision for them but an approach from a messaging perspective as well.